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Thai asparagus, spinach and mung bean soup

Asparagus, radish and wakame in a lemongrass and chilli broth

courgette and gram flour dumplings in broccoli soup

Deep and smokey Mexican-Asian noodle soup

Spicy paneer wontons in a gentle spinach soup

Masala mushroom wontons in a curried soya bean soup

Roasted tomato, orange and chilli soup

Tomato, chilli, basil and lemongrass rice noodle soup

Chilli and tamarind, asian style cauliflower soup

Asian style sweetcorn soup with chilli, cumin, coriander rice flour dumplings

Udon and veg in a miso, sweet potato and herb soup

mixed grains and vegetables in a tangy coconut kadhi

chilli and tahini noodle soup with broccoli and tempeh

Two potato and sweet corn soup with three different garnishes

Thai asparagus, spinach and mung bean soup



Miso-Tamarind potato wedges with locally sourced, garden salad items

Crispy chaat masala tofu salad with a tamarind and yoghurt dip

Barley, tomato, paneer, channa dal and cashew nut salad

Tofu Sambal with curried okra, faro and coconut yoghurt

tenderstem tip, roasted red pepper and barley salad with curried mayonnaise

Soy-masala tofu, quinoa, avocado and mozzarella salad

 Roasted potato, mung bean, tomato and feta salad in indian spice and za’atar

Pomegranate roasted baby onions with butter bean salad and chilli-tahini yoghurt

Slow roasted tomato, channa dal, feta and courgette ribbon salad

Blueberry and basil, papaya, spinach salad with a chilli and agave pistachio nut topping

Soya bean, barley, lettuce, feta and roasted lemon salad in a dill and chilli vinaigrette

tomato, pomegranate and roasted mini pepper salad

garlic roasted cauliflower and red onion in za’atar and coriander with chilli toasted pine nuts

bubble and squeak’s sexy indian cousin (salad)

Chermoula marinated halloumi, apricot and rocket salad with chilli and agave yoghurt dressing

Sweet potato and kiwi fruit salad in a parsley, beetroot and indian spice and mint pesto

showstopper soya nugget chaat

Soba noodles with pineapple a sweet, zingy and spicy dressing and shitake

The sweet greek salad- spiced feta, roasted sweet potato and aubergine

Roasted carrot,mung bean, quinoa and miso masala salad

Roasted sweet potato, fig and goats cheese salad dressed with Thai basil, chilli and green garlic

Sweet, sour, spicy, nutty, smoky, crunchy roasted aubergine salad

Ginger beer, lime, soy and chilli marinated and glazed vegetarian chicken with a puy lentil, yellow bean and soya bean salad

Starters, nibbles and snacks 

slow roasted, piri piri spiced tomatoes with spinach in a savoury muffin

corn on the cob roasted in home made hoisin sauce

Indo-thai mango and coconut bhel

spinach, black bean and cheddar tikki

sweetcorn, feta and mango pakora

Chimichurri spiked mung bean sprout & feta and in a baked, jumbo spring roll

Sweet heat; Beetroot and wasabi houmous

paneer, sweetcorn and sundried tomato pakora

hot and spicy tofu, asaparagus and alfalfa sprout rice paper rolls

Pav Bhajhi of vegetarian mince, vegetables and home ground masala

Roasted garlic, spinach and coriander rice with feta and cashews

Cinnamon-chilli onion, asparagus, cashew and cheddar filo rolls

Stuffed and pickled baby aubergines

jaggery, pistachio, sesame and cardamom crusted popcorn

spicy courgette, carrot and ground rice steamed dumplings

Crispy, indo-chinese style brussels sprouts

Balsamic, chilli and garlic roasted tomatoes with a soyabean and red onion dip

Baked spring rolls filled with paneer, courgette and sweetcorn

Goats cheese pakora in a spinach, gram flour, sundried tomato and fennel batter

broad bean and paneer fritters

kale, banana and red onion pakora

Butternut squash, almond and coconut chutney

Plantain chips, dried cranberries, cashews in coconut, chilli and cinnamon

Tomato, cucumber and pineapple chutney

Crispy mushrooms in a smoked garlic, coconut, cumin and fennel in a panko case

pecans in a crisp jaggery, cinnamon and cardamom shell

sweet lychee and hot chilli dipping sauce

homemade chilli oil with an indian accent

courgette rolls stuffed with saffron, cheddar and spiced cauliflower and broad beans

Beetroot, chipotle and feta fritters

spinach, spring onion and spice pancakes with a lime and coriander creme fraiche

 soy, galangal, star anise and mango taco

coconut milk, jalepeno, coriander marinated halloumi with figs

 tofu stuffed with toasted sesame, almonds, sorrel and chilli



slow roasted tomato and pistachio rotolo in a spiced butternut squash sauce

yellow courgette, basil chutney and halloumi canneloni

chinese 5-spiced potato, leek and feta cannelloni with a panko topping

Pasta rotolo of masala aubergine, spiced spinach and feta

Indo-chinese vegetable balls on butternut squash and chilli sauce

‘Samosa filling’ macaroni and cheese

garlic and cumin roasted cauliflower in parsley and chilli pesto pasta

broccoli, walnut, sundried tomato and basil pesto pasta

curries and stews

curry of roasted sweet peppers filled with paneer and spinach in a cashew cream gravy

black eye bean pakora in coconut kadhi

steamed kofta of spinach and paneer in a roasted red pepper gravy

baby corn and potato curry in smoky chipotle and dark chocolate

curry of steamed spinach and courgette dumplings in spiced, roasted red pepper base

broccoli and chinese leaf curry in a miso base

 Jerk spiced paneer, soya chunks and button mushrooms

cauliflower, fenugreek and mint curry

 Moroccan spiced paneer, potato, asparagus and olive stew

soya chunk curry in a spinach and jalapeno base

Asparagus, halloumi and potato curry in roasted garlic, chilli and pomegranate

Saffron polenta, chipotle & tomato, black bean tenderstem bake

 Roasted tomato, basil and paneer curry

 Black-eyed beans and smoky aubergines in dill with a walnut and guajilo crème fraîche

cauliflower and halloumi in tomatoes, fennel stock and saffron

Potato, edamame bean and pine nut curry in a spiced yoghurt gravy

Indo-Thai cassava, mango and broccoli curry

Cauliflower keema curry with capers and potatoes

Mung bean broth in tahini, a dash of harissa, roasted mini peppers and torn mozzarella

Malaysian curry of brussels sprouts, potatoes and tofu

paneer and sweetcorn curry in a creamy cashew and tamarind gravy

mung bean sprout and paneer curry

Black bean and halloumi curry


Spinach, ricotta, saffron and fennel cakes

Apple, yoghurt, lime and cardomon pancakes

Asian influenced savoury breakfast porridge-broth with tofu, sundried tomatoes and edamame beans

Carrot halwa breakfast porridge with agave nectar

courgette and butternut squash gram flour pancakes with a honey-mustard yoghurt


strawberry and thai basil lemonade

Pineapple, rose, ginger and cinnamon lassi

Sandwiches and wraps

mexican spiced cauliflower in an almond-sesame crust

 Tandoori tofu and cauliflower tacos

courgette bhajhi with a spiced pea, ricotta and dill purée

masala paneer, roasted red pepper and spinach wraps

Scrambled masala tofu, beet and bulgur salad pockets

Indian spiced crispy bean curd skin, ung choi and carrot savoury pancake wraps

 Fragrant indian spiced mung dhal, potato, feta, toasted coconut and beetroot salad wraps

Paneer, black bean and chilli french toasties with a fig raitha

Sweet dishes

apple, yoghurt, lime and cardomom pancakes

home-made plum, star-anise and amoretti ice cream

raspberry, chia quark and peanut butter ice lollies

home-made falooda ice cream

carrot shrikhand in meringue nests

Lychee and toasted coconut frozen yoghurt with rose and cardamom

Apple, lychee and blackberry crumble with rose, cinnamon, cardamom and star anise

Pineaplle, cinnamon and red chilli frozen yoghurt

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