Curries and stews

curry of roasted sweet peppers filled with paneer and spinach in a cashew cream gravy

black eye bean pakora in coconut kadhi

steamed kofta of spinach and paneer in a roasted red pepper gravy

baby corn and potato curry in smoky chipotle and dark chocolate

curry of steamed spinach and courgette dumplings in spiced, roasted red pepper base

broccoli and chinese leaf curry in a miso base

 Jerk spiced paneer, soya chunks and button mushrooms

cauliflower, fenugreek and mint curry

 Moroccan spiced paneer, potato, asparagus and olive stew

soya chunk curry in a spinach and jalapeno base

Moroccan harira meets vegan cottage pie

Asparagus, halloumi and potato curry in roasted garlic, chilli and pomegranate

Saffron polenta, chipotle & tomato, black bean tenderstem bake

 Roasted tomato, basil and paneer curry

 Black-eyed beans and smoky aubergines in dill with a walnut and guajilo crème fraîche

cauliflower and halloumi in tomatoes, fennel stock and saffron

Potato, edamame bean and pine nut curry in a spiced yoghurt gravy

Indo-Thai cassava, mango and broccoli curry

Cauliflower keema curry with capers and potatoes

Mung bean broth in tahini, a dash of harissa, roasted mini peppers and torn mozzarella

Malaysian curry of brussels sprouts, potatoes and tofu

paneer and sweetcorn curry in a creamy cashew and tamarind gravy

mung bean sprout and paneer curry

Black bean and halloumi curry

Stuffed brussels sprouts curry

Artichoke, two potato and peanut curry

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