Miso-Tamarind potato wedges with locally sourced, garden salad items

Crispy chaat masala tofu salad with a tamarind and yoghurt dip

Barley, tomato, paneer, channa dal and cashew nut salad

Tofu Sambal with curried okra, faro and coconut yoghurt

tenderstem tip, roasted red pepper and barley salad with curried mayonnaise

Soy-masala tofu, quinoa, avocado and mozzarella salad

 Roasted potato, mung bean, tomato and feta salad in indian spice and za’atar

Pomegranate roasted baby onions with butter bean salad and chilli-tahini yoghurt

Slow roasted tomato, channa dal, feta and courgette ribbon salad

Blueberry and basil, papaya, spinach salad with a chilli and agave pistachio nut topping

Soya bean, barley, lettuce, feta and roasted lemon salad in a dill and chilli vinaigrette

tomato, pomegranate and roasted mini pepper salad

garlic roasted cauliflower and red onion in za’atar and coriander with chilli toasted pine nuts

bubble and squeak’s sexy indian cousin (salad)

Chermoula marinated halloumi, apricot and rocket salad with chilli and agave yoghurt dressing

Sweet potato and kiwi fruit salad in a parsley, beetroot and indian spice and mint pesto

showstopper soya nugget chaat

Soba noodles with pineapple a sweet, zingy and spicy dressing and shitake

The sweet greek salad- spiced feta, roasted sweet potato and aubergine

Roasted carrot,mung bean, quinoa and miso masala salad

Roasted sweet potato, fig and goats cheese salad dressed with Thai basil, chilli and green garlic

Sweet, sour, spicy, nutty, smoky, crunchy roasted aubergine salad

Ginger beer, lime, soy and chilli marinated and glazed vegetarian chicken with a puy lentil, yellow bean and soya bean salad



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