Snacks, starters and nibbles

slow roasted, piri piri spiced tomatoes with spinach in a savoury muffin

corn on the cob roasted in home made hoisin sauce

Indo-thai mango and coconut bhel

spinach, black bean and cheddar tikki

sweetcorn, feta and mango pakora

Chimichurri spiked mung bean sprout & feta and in a baked, jumbo spring roll

Sweet heat; Beetroot and wasabi houmous

paneer, sweetcorn and sundried tomato pakora

hot and spicy tofu, asaparagus and alfalfa sprout rice paper rolls

Pav Bhajhi of vegetarian mince, vegetables and home ground masala

Indian spiced, sweet potato and filo tart

Roasted garlic, spinach and coriander rice with feta and cashews

Cinnamon-chilli onion, asparagus, cashew and cheddar filo rolls

Stuffed and pickled baby aubergines

jaggery, pistachio, sesame and cardamom crusted popcorn

spicy courgette, carrot and ground rice steamed dumplings

Crispy, indo-chinese style brussels sprouts

Balsamic, chilli and garlic roasted tomatoes with a soyabean and red onion dip

Baked spring rolls filled with paneer, courgette and sweetcorn

Goats cheese pakora in a spinach, gram flour, sundried tomato and fennel batter

broad bean and paneer fritters

kale, banana and red onion pakora

Butternut squash, almond and coconut chutney

Plantain chips, dried cranberries, cashews in coconut, chilli and cinnamon

Tomato, cucumber and pineapple chutney

Crispy mushrooms in a smoked garlic, coconut, cumin and fennel in a panko case

pecans in a crisp jaggery, cinnamon and cardamom shell

sweet lychee and hot chilli dipping sauce

homemade chilli oil with an indian accent

courgette rolls stuffed with saffron, cheddar and spiced cauliflower and broad beans

Beetroot, chipotle and feta fritters

spinach, spring onion and spice pancakes with a lime and coriander creme fraiche

 soy, galangal, star anise and mango taco

coconut milk, jalepeno, coriander marinated halloumi with figs

 tofu stuffed with toasted sesame, almonds, sorrel and chilli


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